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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  July 27, 2017 6:30pm-6:51pm BST

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the head of the us military has said there will be no change to its policy on employing transgender people until the defence secretary receives direction from president trump on the issue. there have been wildfires in southern france for the fourth day. thousands of people have been forced to leave their homes and campsites. in a moment it will be time for sportsday, but first a look at what else is coming up this evening on bbc news. with prisoners being released from jails in england and wales at record levels, we'll speak to the prison officers' association about why this is happening. today marks 50 years since it stopped being illegalfor two men to be in a relationship in england and wales — we'll speak to an author of a book about de—criminalisation and discrimination. and a story that came up smelling of roses — a woman with dementia, who went missing was found by a sniffer dog in a matter of minutes, after she bottled her scent in advance — we'll ask if that's a way forward. that's all ahead on bbc news.
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now on bbc news it's time for sportsday. hello, and welcome to sportsday — i'm mike bushell. england struggle with the bat, on the opening day of the third test against south africa, apart from alistair cook that is. it's a big night of football at the women's euro 2017, with scotland and england in action. aain aa in and a a in and get ready to play their final group match against portugal with a place in the quarterfinal at sta ke. and you back the wrong horse, and it comes in at 50—1.why a mix up at yarmouth races left officials, with long faces. good evening.
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its been south africa's day, at the start of the third test against england at the oval. only former catpain alistair cook, and then the rain found a way to stop the tourists who lost the toss and were put into field. jo wilson reports. where team picks three tepid and suffer a test match is a designer deb desperation. friend and there are more questions than answers. jennings falls into the uncertainty character. his positive start a test match cricket is starting to seem like a long time ago. ducks do not help. when a player is starting his career technique and temperament are as important as runs and westley displayed that come he favours the leg side. what he'll be sad about is that he got 25 and then got stout straight out after lunch. a lot of
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batsmen do that. between the rain showers in the overcast conditions, i wonder how many timejo root wondered if he should have decided to bowl rather than bat. the last thing he needed was a brilliant one—handed catch to end his earnings one—handed catch to end his earnings on 29. milan, the last thing he needed was a wickedly swaying yorker to end his debut innings on one. brilliant bowling and not much you can do about that. alastair cook's innings demonstrated the power of discretion in test match cricket. when to leave, when to defend, when to attack. that only comes with experience and england must decide which players they will persevere with. that is a tough decision. so onto the night's football and england need just a point against portugal tonight to secure top spot in group d. that would set up a quarterfinal clash with france — who the lionesses, haven't beaten since 197a. laura bassett has started both group games so far on the bench, but is ready to stake her claim if called upon, by mark sampson.
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whoever gets the nod, i think we all bring different personalities to that position, different strengths, and we fully know exactly as individuals what we can bring and it is just whoever mark decides to give the shirts too. to bring those and deliver those attributes, really. we a lwa ys deliver those attributes, really. we always prepare that way and will continue to do so. the game until bird kicks off in a little and that's where our sports correspondent katie gornall, spoke to bbc commentator jonathan pearce a little earlier. we are here outside the stadium where england will play their final group game against portugal. they have won both opening matches and at points here this evening this evening will see them to the quarterfinals. this is jonathan pearce. thanks for joining quarterfinals. this is jonathan pearce. thanks forjoining us. it
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took a lot out of england fitness wise, the win over spain. do you expect to see some changes from samson? i do expect to see a fair few. they only need a point, in fact they could go through with a narrow defeat. but they are after history. no english team, men or women, has ever gone through without conceding a goal. that is the aim. keep the snowball rolling, that is what he said. portugal are the lowest ranked side in the competition. we were both in the press conference the other day. they didn't sound very confident of being england. they talked about the strength, power, the pace of english team. the portuguese coach came up with one comment which was disappointing as a manager, he said we have already reached our expectations for this tournament, whatever happens against england. that was the talk of the manager who doesn't think they can win. looking at the tournament will
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broadly, we've seen quite a few shocks. no way out of the tournament already. trance nearly went out the other day. germany have started a bit. england are the exception, they have been pretty smooth. bit. england are the exception, they have been pretty smoothlj bit. england are the exception, they have been pretty smooth. i think they have been amongst the best two or three of the tournament. spain are very good. i said that was a dress rehearsal when we beat spain the other night. germany are beginning to gain momentum, and they have won this tournament are six times. france will get better. but they are not what they were. the whole tournament is showing women's football is getting closer and closer, or investment, more money, more girls attracted to the sport. that is what this is all about. the gap is closing. thank you for joining us. we will hearfrom jonathan tonight on bbc radio five live. that kicks off at 7:45pm. england going for 100% record in the
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group against portugal this well, the hopes of scotland progressing to the knockout stages look a lot less likely. to progress to the quarterfinals they have to pull off an unlikely victory over spain, and hope for a favour from england. it's a tall order, but can they do it? that's the question alasdair lamont, has been asking. among the few hundred scotland fans who have followed the team throughout the netherlands, are potential stars of the future and team—mates from days gone by. now for the final group game, could their loyalty be rewarded with the biggest win in the head team history. there is no denying, spain are history. there is no denying, spain a re externally history. there is no denying, spain are externally talented. they are probably the international team that has improved most. but we haven't done ourselves justice on an a—level. done ourselves justice on an a-level. hopefully we can correct that night. even if we don't qualify, we need the product put eternity and to lift the spirits. no
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matter what the results. scotland have to beat spain by two goals and hope england beat portugal. the last pa rt hope england beat portugal. the last part should transpire, but on the evidence of the two defeats so far, can scotland beat spain?” evidence of the two defeats so far, can scotland beat spain? i think we have a chance. i think we can score goals against this team. we have players and forward areas who can hurt spain. cuthbert took a goal extremely well. caroline wear had a big impact. mike only concern would be that we can't keep a clean sheet. of the eight goals we have conceded eve ryo ne of the eight goals we have conceded everyone has been avoidable. that truth is unavoidable. but if you think the goalkeeper‘s confidence in her own and her team's ability has been shaken, think again. we played spain and that he and a half ago. it's the same team, the same coach,
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they play the same way. they've gelled better as a team, but if we can stick to our game plan in terms of the way we want to defend, the way we want to attack, we are capable of that result. but it comes down to the inner belief within ourselves that we are capable of it, and each of us believe that. the same goes for anna. the coach knows if they don't turn the belief into a positive result, to my‘s match will mark the end of her 12 years in charge. it might still be latejuly but the first competitive match of the english football season takes place at goodison park this season. the match also work art backs wayne rooney ‘s return to goodison park. what a fabulous goal! goodison park
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isa what a fabulous goal! goodison park is a sell—out since really‘s return. the excitement is building. emotional about seeing him back tonight? made up. we needed the optimism and hope. art is your four—year—old excited yes, so is my husband. really's manager is please have a striker has settled into his new shirt. what i like is his ambition in training, showing it to the young to be that each of the young players off the pitch. this evening rooney will fulfil his ambition to play in europe everton. his last composition was the final of the manchester united. with the blues want to get that far it will take 19 matches. europa league, good thing or bad? good. can't say that you don't want
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european football. they think is goodin european football. they think is good in terms of what you get out of it now if you win. you are in the champions league. the problem is, thursday sunday. in europe you don't have easy games. you need to work, you need to be aggressive, you need to put your qualities on the pitch. everton will try to do that this evening on a night when goodison welcomes back and looks forward. aberdeen carry scottish hopes, in the europa league, after the early exits of rangers and saintjohnstone. they take on apollon limassol, in the first leg at pittodrie tonight. icelandic defender kari arnason could make his first competitive appearance since rejoining the club. manager derek mcinnes says the pressure isn't just on getting a result tonight. it's important you don't lose a tie but of course we want to try to take any advantage over to cyprus with us next week. if we can bring a home performance and strong result it helps us. but what we have learned
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through european campaigns is it is over two legs and we are comfortable on the road but we also want to try to make the full use of the fact it is a sell—out tomorrow, it will be by the time it kicks off, and try to use at home advantage anyway we can. great britain's max litchfield, has just missed out on a medal at the world swimming championships in budapest. litchfield set a new british record, on the way to qualifying for the final, of the 200 metre individual medley, butjust fell short, on the final lap — he's third from top here — finishing fourth. he goes in his favoured event, the 400 medley on sunday. a chance to make amends. commonwealth champion ross murdoch looks in great form ahead of the 200 metres breaststroke final tomorrow night. he won his semifinal, qualifying third fastest for the final overall, and will certainly be in contention for the medals. and finally an extraordinary tale, from yarmouth races this afternoon, where the winner of the first race, mandarin princess, was laterfound, to be another horse!
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mandarin princess was the shock 50 to one winner — or so it was thought, because after routine testing, it was discovered that mandarin princess, here in the blue, was actually stable—mate, millie's kiss, a horse with more experience. both horses were trained by charlie mcbride, and an investigation has been ordered by the british horse racing authority. the result stood. four—time tour de france champion chris froome, will ride in this year's vuelta a espana, in pursuit of a rare double. the 32—year—old has finished second, in the vuelta three times. only two men have won both tours in the same year, but that was when the spanish race was held in april. and bbc sport will broadcast live coverage of the us pga championship next month across tv, radio and online. the final major of the season, which will see jordan speith going for the career grand slam, takes place from tenth to the 13th of august at the quail hollow club in north carolina. the world athletics championships
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in london begin next week, and the british team, despite a few injury problems, are getting prepared for it in paris. 0ur correspondent natalie pirks is there too, and sent us this report. with the world athletics championshipsjust with the world athletics championships just over a week away the british team has been dealing with a raft of injuries to some of their brightest medal hopes. even those who are here in paris have been battling injuries which could diminish their chances of getting a medal. back in february the reigning 200 metre champion and the fastest british woman in history broke her foot, her times have not been as fast but she has been given a spot in the britain in the 200 metres and the four by 100 m relay team. it is all about small margins. something adam knows only too well. he missed
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out on a bronze in rio by 3000th of a stack and in a 200 metres and has been ravaged by injury this season. it seems as if he is cursed when it comes to world championships, but he is remaining positive. comes to world championships, but he is remaining positivelj comes to world championships, but he is remaining positive. i have been unlucky. 2015, tearing my hamstring took me out of the championships and now missing the chance to run in front of the home crowd, it is gutting, heartbreaking, but i've learnt a lot about my self, my body, the people around me, so i'll take that forward and it should help me in the future challenge for medals. i have to take the positives from it. not since 2003 has a british man been on the podium in a world championship sprint event. britain genuinely does have strength in depth now in the sprinting department, particularly for the 200 metres. the likes of laura mueller and mo farah, who alleges track career in london, have not made it paris but the hurdler has, he is the
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fastest man in the world at the moment this year over the 60 metre hurdles. doyle, the team captain, believes this new crop of talented athletes coming through will be able to fill the void left by the likes ofjessica ellis to fill the void left by the likes of jessica ellis health. to fill the void left by the likes ofjessica ellis health. there to fill the void left by the likes of jessica ellis health. there will be people who haven't won medals who area bit be people who haven't won medals who are a bit of a surprise. i'm looking forward to that. but it's a bit of a change of the guard. we'll be saying goodbye to people like mo but will be looking at new athletes and youngsters coming through and they will be the ones to look out for in tokyo. what fans are mostly waiting for will be the final 100 metres run on the world stage by use an bolt. can he do it again and win yet another title before he retires? we will find out whether championships begin in eight days' time. next friday. a former british olympic athlete has revealed that she self—harmed while struggling to cope with the demands of elite competition.
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rebekah wilson — a member of team gb's two—woman bobsleigh crew at the 2014 sochi games — told how the "intense pressure" of training took its toll. she's been speaking exclusively to our sports editor, dan roan. i would cut so the top of my legs, my arms, anywhere where i could put a bit ofk my arms, anywhere where i could put a bit of k tape and no one would notice because you have tape all over your body as an athlete. banging my head against a wall, trying to knock myself outjust to stop that pressure. i wouldn't even know if it was a cry for help because i wouldn't tell anyone about it, i wouldn't let anyone know. but it, i wouldn't let anyone know. but it was more of a how do i deal with this intense environment, how do i deal with, you are good but not world class, you need to be better? i think that is high—performance sport now. we have gone away a bit i
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think from the passion and love for sport, and it is great when there is a big championship on tv and we'll rally round and watch it, but that isa rally round and watch it, but that is a cover. that is the front of it and you don't necessarily see the back end. and i think with a lot of what has been coming out in the media at the moment, across all sports, it shows there is an issue, the duty of care, there is something across well—being that we are not quite getting right. what we have perhaps forgotten in the past or not dealt with so obviously is the mental health and well— being of those whose sport obviously is the mental health and well—being of those whose sport is their profession and that is why i am hosting a series of round tables in the autumn to make sure we have the right structures in place. i am not sure there is any one set of national governing bodies to blame, or ever there are national governing bodies to blame, or everthere are any or ever there are any particular failings, but we need to make sure we have the right structures in
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place going forward. finally, if you're shopping in the high street of the welsh town you might stumble across some valuable sporting memorabilia. that's because the lions captain sam warburton has donated his lions kit from the tour of new zealand to his local charity shop on rhiwbina high street. warbuton tweeted a picture today outside the shop in the town where he played hisjunior rugby — the shop has already been inundated with questions from fans eager to get their hands on the kit return that's all from sportsday. there'll be more sport here on bbc news throughout the evening. regrouping after a difficult day, 174-4 at the regrouping after a difficult day, 174—4 at the end of day, alastair cook is still going strong. approaching the century. a big night airto approaching the century. a big night air to report on later from approaching the century. a big night air to report on laterfrom euro 2017 with england's women playing
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portugal. if they win they will face france and scotland need to beat spain 2—0 or at least by two goals and needing a favour at the same time from england. pilates on that later, but that is all from sports day. bye for now. you are watching bbc news. police investigating the grenfell tower fire have written to survivors, telling them that there are grounds


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